Dawn Chorus Ignites


Dawn Chorus Ignites are set to release their fourth studio album on the 20th May 2019. This release includes recordings carried out at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

To coincide with this release Dawn Chorus Ignites are very pleased to announce they will be playing at this years Sea Change Festival in Totnes, Devon.

Following on from their brilliant recording session at Abbey Road Studios last year the band are nearly ready to release their fourth studio installment. A release date of early September has been pencilled in - so watch out for that!

The band are also involved in the new Blended : Bristol project, where they have created musical elements against a set of rules created by Prima Rosa. The final results of the Blended : Bristol project can be found on the project page.

Dawn Chorus Ignites is the brainchild of Ben Philcox and Mat Cook, Dawn Chorus Ignites are a band who produce fine instrumental guitar based post rock/shoegaze. The band have produced three studio albums to date, 'Take Me With You', Glimmer (previously released on Bristol based Distant Noise label) and Signs, the first studio outing which holds that raw first album sound.

These guys create some of the finest progressive instrumental guitar based music... swirling, dynamic, emotional… sometimes gentle... sometimes ferocious - always evocative and challenging. Expect the unexpected in their music as boundaries are visited, explored and ignored.

Previous releases by Dawn Chorus Ignites